I am a student of time. In my work I am attempting to capture not only a place but also the mood and moment, or in some cases the sum of moments. Four dimensions, Length x Width x Depth x Time.I use a digital SLR camera with a tripod and a neutral density filter to allow for long exposures. I print all my own images on an Epson 4800 using archival Ultrachrome ink. I cut my own mats. All of my prints are limited editions. My 24x32s (editions of 50), 21x26s (editions of 100) are all on archival paper, mats, and mounting boards. The 11x14s (editions of 200) are not on archival paper but on Ultra Premium Presentation Paper in order to keep the price down. My large panoramas (editions of 50) are printed on cotton/polyester canvas and sealed with an acrylic based UV proof protectant. My small panoramas (editions of 100) are on archival paper.